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Blood Moon Rising (2009)

1h 33min   |   English   | 

Director Brian Skiba

Starring Laurie Love (The 2nd), Ron Jeremy (The Boondock Saints).

Produced by Victory Angel Productions

Distributed by E1 Entertainment

In this Grindhouse throwback, it's up to a hippie chick, Sadie Hawkins, and a comic book-reading soda Jerk, Darrel Lee, to save the world, but not without a little help from a group of indie film rejects shooting a zombie film in an old west ghost town. Set in 1969, an ancient curse has spilled over into the world of the living, with werewolves, vampires, zombies, and bucket-loads of blood.

Blood Moon Rising: Lucy's Revenge (Trailer)
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Blood Moon Rising Lucy's Revenge Directo
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